Czech-Israeli Innovation and Partnership Centre

Livestream from the opening of the Centre

20. 5. 2021 | 9:00-11:00


Jakub Kulhánek | Minister of Foreign Affairs
Nili Shalev | Director General of ISERD – The Israel-EU R&D
Martin Stropnický | Czech Ambassador to Israel
Daniel Meron | Israeli Ambassador to the Czech Republic
Josef Suchánek | President of the Olomouc region
Martina Tauberová | Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade
Pavel Smutný | President of CISOK
Roman Havlík | Managing Director of FNOL
Gabriel Hodik | Maccabi’s KSM Research and Innovation Center
Martin Procházka | Rector of UPOL
Jarmila Zimmermannová | Rector of MVSO
Josef Tesařík | Director of MVSO
Ondřej Bočkay | CEO of CISOK
Svatopluk Beneš | CEO of TESCO SW
Tomáš Jelínek | Director of DBM

Czech-Israeli health innovations centre founded

The Czech-Israeli Innovations and Partnership Centre (CCIIP), founded in the BEA campus today, will focus on innovations in health care and
functioning of hospitals

Czech DIGI@MED Award 2020 for Olomouc brain diagnostics

Czech DIGI@MED Award 2020 for Olomouc brain diagnostics. The CEREB B-mode assist project has received a prestigious award from the ROCHE pharmaceutical company.

‘Blood tests in a few minutes’ presented at the Innovation Day conference

Blood test results available in minutes. A prototype of a new portable laboratory and other innovations in the field of health care have been presented in Olomouc.

The Innovation Day: Smart Healthcare conference brings the future of health care

The future of healthcare lies in digitalisation and innovation. Cooperation with Israel provides new opportunities for the Czech Republic. More on the Smart Healthcare Innovation Day website.


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